Uplift (ŭp-lĭft') tr.v., to raise to a higher moral, social, or cultural level or condition.

UpliftAnother.com UpliftAnother.com helps you find new opportunities to do more in your community

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You are a busy person, but you want to do more to help your community. Fortunately, we understand! This FREE community networking service automatically matches and connects you to causes and needs you care about most, responding to immediate needs in the community as they arise and raising funds and awareness nationwide, giving ordinary people the opportunity to do extraordinary things.

Give Back in New Ways

Receive personal awareness alerts to specific actions you can take as needs arise in the community by one of the following means:

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Grow With Us!

  1. Networking We are building our own culture of Angels - stand-up people who act to answer "prayers" of others in our local communities. Network with other members worldwide who care about the same things you do!
  2. Community Leadership become a leader in your local community. Gain experience in leadership roles while helping to organize local groups to build and gain the momentum and the support to succeed in a greater way. Are you up to the challenge?
  3. Recognition We give credit gratuitously where it is due, recognizing the most active and supportive members of each local community to encourage

"We can raise awareness throughout the world!"
—John Weidow, Secane, Pennsylvania

"That's awesome, a network of angels, love it!"
—S. Holly, Houston, Texas

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